Yummy by name, but not by nature!

Named in honour of a dodgy kebab house that Sam & Pete used to frequent, expect to have your nose assaulted as soon as you lift the lid on this powerhouse of a popup.

They have a complex blend of some of the more volatile organic acids, spices, essential oils, crab flavour, and a few other special bits.

SMELL- a spicy monster crab kind of vibe!

COLOUR- bright pink

A heavenly blend of fruits make these as appealing to us as they are to carp!

Two extremely good flavours are backed up by the much discussed orange essential oil, or is it tangerine? Hmmm.

Basically, we put the citrus fruit essential oil on a flavour combo and attractor package that we already had huge confidence in- the verdict is a hookbait that has already accounted for some special old fish despite being a new addition to our arsenal.

As well as the tree, I mean three, fruits there are of course some other goodies packed inside these baits which work very well fished as either singles or over bait.

SMELL- a mouthwatering fruit blend that will keep you guessing!

COLOUR- bright orange.

A hookbait of distinction, these offer a very unique aroma and feed stimulation mechanism. If you need a dull coloured high attract hookbait- this is the one for you!

Based on our usual refined milk base, the Hooters comprise of 2 top-end flavours, 2 essential oils, 1 oleoresin, 2 feed stimulants and a taste enhancer that are all designed to work harmoniously within the hookbait.

SMELL- We don't even know how to start to explain how these smell. Savoury, woody, with a hint of cinnamon and maple- you really do need to experience these for yourself!

COLOUR- brown.

An oldie but a goodie!

These are based on a blend of 3 flavours which have received a hardcore following for those lucky enough to be in the know! Of course Sam & Pete are never happy with doing the same as others, so have taken this classic flavour combo to a completely new level. They added in some secret bits as well as an essential oil to take these classic popups to a new level!

SMELL- fruity and creamy, with a twist of something you can't quite put your finger on!

COLOUR- bright yellow.


(Tick the box of each you want. 1 tub = 35 14mm baits)